UCLA International Student Ambassadors

About the Ambassador Program

International Student Ambassadors are UCLA students that serve the campus community as official representatives of their respective home countries/regions. Ambassadors use their own cultural background and experiences to serve as resources for the entirety of the UCLA community. They have all been students at UCLA for at least one full academic year.  Ambassadors are one of the first points of contact for incoming international students, and support them by providing advice and resources to help ease their transition to virtual learning, life in Los Angeles and at UCLA. They also advocate to UCLA staff and faculty on behalf of the entire international community to make sure their voice is heard. 

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Ambassador applications for 2020-2021 have closed. We will reopen applications for 2021-2022 in early spring 2021. Keep an eye on the Ambassador social media for the application! 

For Ambassador assistance with panel discussions, focus groups, interviews, and other media requests please contact the Programs Supervisor, Morgan Neubert, at mneubert@saonet.ucla.edu

Feel free to contact any Ambassador! For general inquires you can contact intlambassadors@saonet.ucla.edu



Description of this module

Adnan Shabib

Adnan Shabib

Jordan AmbassadorJordan FlagJordan

Name: Adnan Shabib



MajorMathematics of Computation

About Me: Hey! My name is Adnan and I am from Amman, Jordan. In my free time, I enjoy watching and playing football (soccer!), running cross country, sleeping, playing chess and watching TV shows, my favorite show being Money Heist. My favorite Arabic dish by far is Maqluba (Google it!), and my favorite color is green. Deciding to attend UCLA was a huge deal for me, because it meant being far away from my family in Jordan, but after some time I was able to find my own family here and I am glad that I made that decision. If you want to talk about anything, whether you have a million zillion questions about UCLA, or just to have a chill conversation about football (no I will not call it soccer), please do contact me!

Andrea González Herrera

Andrea González Herrera

Mexico AmbassadorMexico Flag


Name: Andrea González Herrera

Email: UCLA.Mexico.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco

Major: Cognitive Science

About Me: Hello! My name is Andrea. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I love my country! My favorite things are the food and the culture! During my free time I like hanging out with my friends, listening to music, doing yoga, dancing and watching movies. I have a passion for leaning new languages, I actually started a club at UCLA called Bruin Language Association for students to teach other students their language! I am very outgoing, and I'm excited to meet you! If you ever have questions, concerns or just want someone to chat with feel free to reach out! My advice if you are nervous about leaving your country is to just try to relax, be open-minded and try to find the bright side in any situation! Trust that UCLA is the place for you and that you will have fun and learn so much!

Andreas Daniel Langenbacher

Andreas Daniel Langenbacher

Switzerland AmbassadorSwitzerland flagSwitzerland

NameAndreas Daniel Langenbacher


Email: UCLA.Switzerland.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Zürich

Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

About Me: Hi there :) I was born and raised in the German part of Switzerland. After two years of high school, I decided to go for an exchange year in the Bay Area and eventually decided to stay there, dropping high school in Switzerland. I studied at a community college (College of San Mateo) and took the GED to catch up to some sort of high school equivalency diploma. And now, I’m a rising senior at UCLA studying Molecular, Cell, and Developmental biology with the goal to become a doctor. My hobbies are doing sports—like soccer, volleyball, calisthenics, etc.—and playing the piano. I actually have a super unpopular YouTube channel where I post piano compositions and transcriptions (if you’re interested in checking it out, please let me know lol). In my free time I like to learn random skills like juggling or solving the Rubik’s cube…and when I’m lazy I just hangout with friends or watch shows. I also love to travel! I just did an Asia trip last summer to visit my international friends from community college. I went to Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Manila! I’m always excited to meet new people and learn from them, so please come talk to me!

Carolina Shiguti

Carolina Shiguti

Brazil AmbassadorBrazil FlagBrazil

Name: Carolina Shiguti


Hometown: Barueri

Major: Psychology

About Me: I was born in the big city of São Paulo but raised in a suburb called Alphaville in Brazil. I was used to a small and relatively closed off community, so my first year at UCLA was a challenging experience. Thankfully I was able to find a home in this huge campus and student body especially within the international community. I relish my study hours at YRL and love exploring LA with my friends. During the week you'll find me between lectures taking in the sun in the sculpture garden or getting something to eat in the bomb shelter (I enjoy both North and South campuses). I will always be down for a movie night and a chat over coffee! I love to meet new people and hear their stories. If you do too, let's hang out!

Chris (Khoa) Dang

Chris (Khoa) Dang

Vietnam Ambassador


Name: Chris (Khoa) Dang

Email: UCLA.Vietnam.Ambassador@gmail.com  

Hometown: Da Nang

Major: Economics

About Me: Hey there! My name is Chris Dang and I'm your International Student Ambassador this school year, representing Vietnam. At UCLA, I'm currently a rising junior majoring in Economics. But before that, I was born and raised in a beautiful coastal city called Da Nang in Vietnam for 14 years (please go visit if you have an opportunity to! I mean, we literally have a Dragon Bridge that breathes fire/water weekly). When I'm not struggling with school, work, extracurriculars or adulting, I love playing Super Smash Bros with my roommates, though I'm button-smashing half of the time. Also, I probably watch an unhealthy amount of anime, but I'm always open to new anime recommendations anyway! Feel free to reach out to me on just about anything: business scene at UCLA, my experience as an international student, gaming, anime,...etc. Looking forward to connect with you all!