UCLA International Student Ambassadors

About the Program

International Student Ambassadors are UCLA students that serve the campus community as official representatives of their respective home countries. Ambassadors use their own cultural background and experiences to serve as resources for the entirety of the UCLA community. They have all been students at UCLA for at least one full academic year.  Ambassadors are one of the first points of contact for incoming international students, and support them by providing advice and resources to help ease their transition to life in Los Angeles and at UCLA. They also advocate to UCLA staff and faculty on behalf of the entire international community to make sure their voice is heard. 

For their assistance with panel discussions, focus groups, interviews, and other media requests please contact the Programs Supervisor, Morgan Neubert, at mneubert@saonet.ucla.edu

Feel free to contact the Ambassador for your specific country or for general inquires you can contact intlambassadors@saonet.ucla.edu



Description of this module

Aitana Padilla Requerey

Aitana Padilla Requerey

Spain AmbassadorSpain FlagSpain

Name: Aitana Padilla Requerey

Email: UCLA.Spain.Ambassador@gmail.com  

Hometown: Madrid

Major: Neuroscience and MIMG

About Me: Hello, I’m Aitana, I was born in Madrid, Spain, and lived there until I moved to the US to study at UCLA. I have traveled a lot throughout Europe and have studied in England during various summers. I enjoy reading and dancing and like to learn other languages and about other cultures. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and know basic French and Italian. My goal is to attend graduate school (probably in Europe) and obtain a PhD in Neuroscience. Having lived all my life in Europe before coming to LA, I understand that adjusting to a different culture can be hard. If you have any questions please contact me! 
Andrea González Herrera

Andrea González Herrera

Mexico AmbassadorMexico FlagMexico

Name: Andrea González Herrera

Email: UCLA.Mexico.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco

Major: Cognitive Science B.S, and Minor in Applied Developmental Psychology

About Me: I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I love my country and Mexican culture. I think Mexican people are the funniest people in the world. My hobbies are painting, drawing, reading, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, watching Netflix, dancing, yoga and I adore learning new languages! I actually started a club at UCLA called Bruin Language Association for students to teach other students their language! My favorite type of music is Latino music. My favorite food is always a tough choice between sushi and Italian. I am very academically orientated, and I love learning. I like to explore new things and visit places around LA. I am a very upbeat person, I get excited very easily and I'm excited to meet you! At the same time, I also get nervous a lot and I was so nervous to move out of home and come to a big school, but also very excited. I learned how to balance these two emotions and use this excitement to get over my fear. It's totally normal to feel this way, but trust the process! I think the best thing to do if you are nervous of leaving your country is to just try to relax, be open-minded and try to find the bright side in any situation! Trust that UCLA is the place for you and that you will have fun and learn so much!

Cheuk Yan Yo Yo “Ophelia” Sin

Cheuk Yan Yo Yo “Ophelia” Sin

Hong Kong AmbassadorHong Kong FlagHong Kong

Name: Cheuk Yan Yo Yo “Ophelia” Sin

Email: UCLA.HongKong.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major: Pre-Business Economics

About Me: I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and I moved to the US for high school when I was 15. I'm currently a pre-Business Economics major but looking into double majoring in the humanities. I'm also volunteering with Project Literacy and singing with Cadenza Acapella. After being at UCLA for a year, I remain fascinated everyday by the opportunities offered here.  If you have any doubts and worries about coming to UCLA and/or moving to the US, feel free to reach out to me! I would love to hear you out and be there for you, as I have been through similar struggles in the past.

Chifong Dong

Chifong Dong

China AmbassadorChina FlagChina

Name: Chifong Dong

Email: UCLA.China.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Macau

Major: Business Economics, Accounting Minor

About Me: Born in Macau and raised in Mainland China, I was exposed to a variety of different cultures and dialects (Cantonese, Hokkien or Taiwanese, Dongbeihua). I aspire to enter the business world specifying in investment banking and consulting. I’m happy to answer any questions regarding career preparation, campus involvement, or anything you are curious about. I’m interested in languages, tennis, and civil aviation. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me about cooking and traveling (I have visited 23 countries).

Chirag Thadani

Chirag Thadani

Nigeria AmbassadorNigeria FlagNigeria

Name: Chirag Thadani

Email: UCLA.Nigeria.Ambassador@gmail.com

Hometown: Lagos

Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics

About MeI was born in Nigeria and raised partly in Nigeria, India, and Singapore. The first time I ever came to the US was 2 days before UCLA orientation. As a result, I very well understand the difficulties that come across when moving to a completely new place and trying to adjust to a whole new life (to the point that now I kinda enjoy it!). I love traveling, meeting people, experiencing different cultures and trying out new food!