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Make sure you complete the MANDATORY online Pre-Arrival Online Orientation by logging into your DCISS Account at and click on “My Account”. You will see the iSTART components in “My Account”, click on “Pre-Arrival Online Orientation” to get started.
The online orientation includes:

  • Academic Integrity Workshop Module

    Due to strict visa regulations and enforcement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), international students who are involved in academic misconduct will be subject to severe visa consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important that international students are fully aware of the and obey all rules during their studies at UCLA. What may have been acceptable at a student’s previous institution may not be acceptable at UCLA.

    Immigration consequences as a result of a disciplinary action include but are not limited to:
    • Immediate voluntary departure from the United States
    • Removal proceedings (deportation) by (DHS)
    • Potential jail time by DHS while awaiting deportation
    • Future visa denials for all categories
    • Inability to use any existing visas to re-enter the United States
    The academic consequences resulting from academic misconduct are (but not limited to):
    • Long term suspension from the University
    • Inability to return to the University for an indefinite period of time
    • Inability to continue studies within the UC system

    As a Bruin, you must keep in accordance with the UCLA Student Conduct Code and True Bruin values. Saying “I didn’t know” is not an excuse; make sure you know what IS and IS NOT allowed in American classroom settings. To remain in legal immigration status in the U.S., DO NOT engage in cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, multiple submissions and/or facilitating academic misconduct.

    Please Note: For the Academic Integrity module you will only have ONE opportunity to score 100% on the quiz. If you fail to score 100% on your FIRST attempt you will be required to attend an in-person Academic Integrity Workshop during the Winter Quarter. If you do not score 100% on your first attempt and fail to attend an Academic Integrity workshop during the Winter Quarter, there will be a hold placed on your account restricting you from registering for Spring Quarter courses and utilizing certain UCLA services (ie. library, recreation facilities, ordering transcripts, etc.).
  • Cultural Adjustment Workshop Module

    Learn about your cultural adjustment process, how it can affect you and how to adjust more easily to your new life in L.A. We will inform you about American culture, customs, slang, the American classroom, and more!. Past orientation participants say this was one of the most interesting and helpful sessions!

  • F-1 Visa/J-1 Visa Workshop Module

    This session will cover how to stay in compliance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, how to maintain legal status, understanding your legal visa documents, travelling abroad while at UCLA, and employment options.

  • Getting Started in Los Angeles Module

    This module includes information on transportation in Los Angeles, housing and furniture, bank accounts, cell phones, how to get a driver’s license or California ID card, etc.

  • Getting Started at UCLA Module

    This module includes information on your UCLA BruinCard, UCLA health insurance, legal issues for international students, getting involved on campus, etc.

IMPORTANT: While it is highly suggested that you complete ALL sections and quizzes PRIOR to your arrival in the U.S., all quizzes MUST be completed and passed by by the end of week 2 of your program or a HOLD will be placed on your UCLA student record, which will block you from using certain UCLA services (library, class registration, gym, etc), it will also put your visa status in jeopardy if you fail to complete and pass all quizzes.

Need assistance?
If you have questions about the modules or the quizzes please email

UCLA Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars
106 Bradley International Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: (310) 825-1681

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