Working on Campus

F-1 Visa Holders

F-1 students are eligible to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during the academic year and full-time (more than 21 hours per week) during winter and summer vacation. On-campus employment may include teaching assistantships, research assistantships, reader appointments, or student positions at the campus library, bookstore, food/dining services, etc. F-1 students can work on-campus without obtaining employment authorization from DCISS or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

J-1 Visa Holders

Students and non-degree students on J-1 status may work on campus part time (up to 20 hours per week) while the school is in session and full time during the quarter/semester breaks and summer vacation. In order for employment, students must be in good academic standing and obtain on-campus work authorization from DCISS.

Work authorization is given for maximum one year. If you wish to continue employment after one year you can request an extension to your work authorization within a month of the end date. In order for us to issue you a work authorization letter, please fill out the on-campus work authorization request form online and email it to acoelho@saonet.ucla.edu or fax to 310.206.1612 attention J Advisor. You can also stop by our office to fill one out. If you change employment at any time, you must complete another request form. Allow 3 business days to process.

Work Study

Work Study is a federally subsidized hourly-wage job program awarded to college students through the federal government. The federal government works to award Federal Student Aid, or financial assistance, to students who demonstrate financial need with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $12,000 or less. Such aid can be given to students through scholarships, grants, or work-study. Because international students are not considered eligible for federal work study, it can pose a bit of a challenge for such students to find places to work around campus. Luckily, we have compiled a comprehensive list of places to work on campus that are willing to hire non-work study students, in order to help our international students in their search for a job throughout the academic year. Check out the list of on-campus employers below for suggested places to work, and feel free to follow the links provided for more information. The wages for the jobs listed below typically range from $8-$11/hour.

** Note: International students are ineligible for work-study appointments

Suggested On-Campus Employers:

  • Associated Students UCLA
    • Students can choose from numerous positions to work in under Administration, UCLA restaurants and UCLA stores under ASUCLA. One of the main goals of the Associated Students UCLA is to meet the everyday needs of students and the campus community through retail and other student union services. As a student staff member of ASUCLA, you are required to work on a team alongside other UCLA students and perform duties such as selling books or other items if you work under the UCLA Stores, cashiering and preparing food if you work under the UCLA Restaurants, and engaging in management and office work if you work under Administration. ASUCLA staff members also enjoy benefits such as discounts off purchased UCLA Store items, meal allowances, and much more!
    • Visit the ASUCLA website for more information.
  • Transportation & Parking Services
    • UCLA Transportation offers students valuable experience in customer service and building communication skills. Under UCLA Transportation, students can work on the parking and events teams, and have the opportunity to sell parking permits to campus visitors, mitigate traffic, prepare for current and upcoming events on campus, and assist with day to day parking operations.
    • Visit the UCLA Transportation & Parking Services website for more information.
  • UCLA Library
    • The UCLA Library system is composed of the Charles E. Young Research Library, Louise Darling Biomedical Library, Arts Library, Music Library, College Library, Law Library, Rosenfeld Management Library, Science & Engineering Library, East Asian Library and the Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF). Students hired to work in the system can be stationed at any one of these libraries and are used for their abilities in both public service and technical processing work through duties such as discharging, sorting, shelving, shifting and retrieving books, utilizing various computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Excel and Photoshop,and delivering materials to other units in the UCLA Library system. There is a large variety of positions for students to choose from!
    • Visit the UCLA Library website for more information.
  • UCLA Recreation
    • From swim and tennis instructors to sports assistants to sales and cashiering clerks, the UCLA Recreation Center offers a wide variety of jobs that are sure to meet students’ interests! Whether students are hired to work through the John Wooden Center, the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, or the Kinross Recreation Center, students are sure to build skills in interpersonal relations and customer service through duties such as cashiering, setting up and taking down equipment, and facilitating instruction in a variety of sports.
    • Visit the UCLA Recreation website for more information.
  • Dining Services
    • As student staff under UCLA Housing, students can be expected to engage in activities such as answering emails and phone calls, providing service and assistance for residents and interacting with guests, and perform other housekeeping duties. Under UCLA Dining Services, student staff is expected to be familiar with the nutrient data for various recipes and appropriate cooking and meal standards, and helping cooks with basic food preparation, in addition to other duties!
    • Visit the UCLA Dining and Housing Services for more information.
  • Residential Life
    • As a staff member for the Office of Residential Life, a student’s abilities and skill sets are challenged yet built in a variety of ways, from giving advice to mediating conflict to responding to emergencies and even representing residents on governing and advisory boards that address issues important to students living in On Campus Housing. A job with UCLA ORL allows students to build skills in leadership and communication. Depending on the position, employees could receive benefits such as monetary compensation to help pay for educational costs or room and board for those employed as Residential Advisors.
    • Visit the UCLA Office of Residential Life for a list of employment opportunities.
  • UCLA Athletics Department
  • UCLA Daily Bruin Student Newspaper/Student Media
    • UCLA Student Media is the best place for a UCLA student to get hands-on, pre-professional experience in nearly every aspect of journalism and the business of media. Students get the opportunity to engage in awesome jobs such as covering basketball games or managing advertising accounts. Work with the UCLA Daily Bruin also includes valuable opportunities in business involving advertising sales and marketing.
    • Visit the UCLA Daily Bruin Student Newspaper/Student Media for more information.
  • UCLA Call Center
    • The UCLA Call Center allows you to connect with students, parents, and alumni to raise funds for the university. The Call Center is an excellent opportunity to practice your communication skills and strengthen your resume.
    • Visit the Call Center for more information.
  • UCLA Department Jobs
    • UCLA offers numerous employment opportunities under different departments including, the Anderson School of Management, UCLA International Institute, Anthropology, and Writing Programs, among many other departments. Check out the departments seeking employees below.

For other job opportunities, please check the Ackerman Union – Level A job bulletin wall.

** Note: International students are ineligible for work-study appointments

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