Counseling (CAPS)

UCLA Counseling & Psychological Services Center (CAPS

In the U.S., it is very common to use a counseling center as a place to get support and understanding. While the transition to UCLA can be an exciting challenge, it is normal that some of our students may be coping with personal, financial, health, and other stressors. The UCLA Counseling & Psychological Services Center (CAPS) is here to support your growth and development, and to help you to restore balance, build strength, gain emotional resiliency and increase your personal well-being.

To schedule an appointment:
  • Call CAPS at (310) 825-0768
  • Or visit the CAPS Office – located in John Wooden Center West
    • Monday – Thursday from 8 AM – 7 PM (By appointment only after 4pm)
    • Fridays from 9 AM – 5 PM
    • *(Except for University holidays)
To cancel an appointment:
  • Go in person to the CAPS Office – located in John Wooden Center West
  • By phone: (310) 825-0768
  • Or online: www.counseling.ucla.edu
  • Cancellations made within the 24 hours preceding your appointment time are considered "late" and will incur a fee.
  • A fee of $20 will be billed to your BruinBill account for each late cancellation or missed appointment. Limited-eligibility students are charged $50 for each late cancellation or missed appointment.
24 Hour Crisis Hotline

The UCLA CAPS crisis counselors are available 24 hours a day by phone (310-825-0768)

International Student Support Group

Feeling lonely in a new culture? Missing family and friends? Searching for others like you? CAPS and DCISS are teaming up to host a dialogue and support group. This will be a weekly group to connect with your peers who share your concerns and it is led by experienced professionals. If you are seeking a balanced lifestyle and exploring ways to enhance your experience at UCLA, then join our group. How to join: contact Dr. Lillian Chen

Therapy Groups

Individual counseling maybe intimidating to some, but CAPS also offers a variety of support groups each quarter! CAPS typically offers general therapy groups for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as theme-focused groups for thesis/dissertation writers, eating management, grief, survivors of abuse, LGBT students, and others.

Examples of Therapy Groups (5-8 weeks long). Some include:

  • International Student Support Group
  • Breaking free from Anxiety
  • Overcoming Social Anxiety
  • Recovering from Depression
  • Sleep Soundly
  • Anger management
  • Managing Emotions
  • Disordered Eating
  • Dissertation Writer’s Group
  • Relationship Group
  • Gay/Bi Men’s group
  • Lesbian/Bi Women’s group
  • Pathways Through Grief
  • Being in the Moment (Mindfulness group)
  • Active Healing for Sexual Assault Survivors

CAPS also offers Wellness Skills Groups (3 weeks long). Some include:

  • Finding Focus
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Progress not Perfection
  • Breaking the cycle of anxiety
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Mindful Pathway to Wellness
  • Body Image Group
  • Make Peace with Food

CAPS also have Wellness Skills Drop-In Group called "Coping through the Quarter." It runs every day (Monday to Friday) from 10am to 11am.

It’s a 5-session group that offers support to address a variety of student concerns, including academic stress, worry, anxiety, relationship concerns, or mood management. The group topics for 5 weeks include: 1) Relaxation skills, 2) Self-compassion and Mood Management, 3) Thought Awareness and Challenging Worry, 4) Problem Solving and Positive Coping, and 5) Time Management/ Procrastination.

For more information about group treatment, click here

CAPS Fees & Rules

Service Fees Registered with SHIP Registered without SHIP
Brief Screening no fee/ prepaid $0
Individual Psychotherapy no fee/ prepaid $15
Conjoint Psychotherapy* no fee/ prepaid $15
Psychiatric Intake no fee/ prepaid $15
Psychiatric Follow-Up no fee/ prepaid $15
Group Psychotherapy no fee/ prepaid $15
Late Cancellation/
Missed Appointment
$20 $20
Late Cancellation/
Missed Group
$10 $10

*Conjoint psychotherapy only available if both clients are current registered UCLA students.

Important Note:

UCLA students who are registered for classes are eligible for all services offered by The Counseling Center. Visits to The Counseling Center by students who have paid for their Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are prepaid. Students enrolled through UCLA Extension are not eligible for services.


Support Group for Int’l Students