Dashew Center programs provide a variety of social events to promote cross-cultural learning, language development, cultural adjustment and friendship building. In 2013 alone over 10,000 students and scholars participated in more than 40 Dashew Center programs and events. Each program is carefully designed to help participants develop interpersonal skills, build self-confidence and create rich global networks for their personal and professional futures. Dashew Center programs have proven to significantly enhance participants’ experience at UCLA and broaden their global perspectives.

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“The Dashew Center programs have changed my life. I have made more friends in one quarter going to Dashew events than I did during my first two years at UCLA. The program is remarkable and it is amazing how many different types of programs, events, and assistance the Dashew Center provides to international students. We are so lucky to have them!”
Alexandros Duncan Palamourdas, Greek Graduate Student

“I would like to thank the Dashew Center for everything that you have provided [visiting scholars]. English Conversation Program, Trips, Film Nights, etc, all contributed to my research experience positively and turned out to be my best memories of Los Angeles.”
Mustafa Macit Karagozoglu, Turkish Visiting Scholar

“I LOVVVVED my conversation partner. He introduced me to his family, wife and kid. We grew really close over the year talking over dinner and drinks. I was really sad that my intercambiofamily isn’t here to stay forever. Thanks so much! You’re doing great work and enriching the lives of others! I appreciate everything you do at the Dashew Center!”
Shelly Yehuda, Domestic Undergraduate Student

“As an international student I appreciate all of your work and programs. I am a third-year graduate student and the trip to Yosemite National Park was by far the best experience I’ve had at UCLA! The trip was organized perfectly and exceeded my expectations. Not only did I have an amazing time on the trip, the staff was able to integrate everyone to really become a close group of friends. The Dashew Center is transforming in a very positive way!”
Mauricio Comas-Garcia, Mexican Graduate Student

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort with the Global Siblings Program. My sibling is a very nice girl and we get along very well. She has really made me feel like her real sister and introduced me to her family. I know a lot of the other students also really appreciated this program too. Thank you.”
Jolien Buijs, International Student

“The ski trip was THE best trip I have ever been to. You have absolutely no idea how much good it did to me. I can only really sincerely thank you for it. I would say the skiing was the best part of the trip. But without the people I met- you guys, the other students, the staff - everything would have been worthless. Thank you all for giving me something I shall cherish all my life.”
Swati Padmanabhan, Indian Graduate Student

“Now I'm studying back at my home university, and I miss so much UCLA! Last year was unforgettable, I have no other words to describe it. And you guys from the Dashew are an important part of it. Thank you for this.”
Guido Pastore, Italian Exchange Student

“My conversation partner taught me so many things. He was quite valuable and resourceful. I cherished my time with him and we became good friends. I appreciate your thoughtful concern and excellent work!”
Yanjun Zhang, Chinese International Student