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AC&C Terms & Conditions
  • You may only register for AC&C classes through the Dashew Center Website (
  • Fall Quarter registration timeframe is September 9th – October 20th.
  • You may only attend AC&C classes if YOUR name is on the roster, you cannot register under another person’s name.
  • AC&C classes are FREE for UCLA Students (including UCLA Extension) and $25 for non-students (spouses, etc).
  • All registration will close on Friday, October 20th at 4 PM, all registrations will be finalized at this time. Please make any changes (add, drop or change) prior to this deadline. If you are enrolled in an AC&C course as of this deadline, you will be subject to all the terms and conditions of the AC&C program.
  • Attendance is recorded each week within the first 15 minutes of class. In order to not be counted absent, please make sure to arrive to class within the first 15 minutes of the start time.
  • You are allowed to miss 2 of the 8 AC&C classes (Fall – Spring Quarters) with no penalty, however, if you are absent for 3 or more classes, you will be charged a $25 penalty fee, which will be charged to your Bruin Bill account at the end of the quarter.

    *If you are enrolled in Summer Session A classes, you are allowed to miss 1 of the 6 AC&C classes with no penalty, however, if you are absent for 2 OR MORE classes, you will be charged a $25 penalty fee.

  • You may ONLY attend the classes that you are officially enrolled in. If you attend a class that you are NOT enrolled in, you will politely be asked to leave. The instructors are only allowed to admit people into the classroom who are officially enrolled in that class.
  • If you are not a UCLA student and you paid $25 to enroll in an AC&C class but you wish to drop that class, please make sure to email the AC&C Coordinator at to request a refund by the ADD / DROP deadline. When you drop a class in the registration system, a refund is not automatic; it has to be requested from the AC&C coordinator.
  • The AC&C program is not an accredited program; therefore, no UCLA academic credit is offered for taking AC&C classes.
  • We are unable to issue any certificates or letters to home universities for academic credit or English class credit.

Fall Quarter 2017
Important Dates
Friday September 8th – Registration Opens
Monday, October 9th – Classes Begin
Friday, October 20th at 4 pm– Last day to add/drop

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September 8th

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