American Culture & Conversation
American Culture & Conversation (AC&C)
Program Overview

Registration will open for Fall Quarter on Friday, September 8th
Program Description

The American Culture & Conversation Class is an 8-week series (6 weeks during Summer Session A) of group sessions designed for international students and scholars to learn more about American culture while also improving their English language conversation skills. AC&C will cover topics like slang, idioms, UCLA traditions, social and professional etiquette, romantic relationships, American sports, and more!

The main objective of AC&C is to help students and scholars integrate more quickly into US and UCLA life by understanding American culture and its components. Improving students' English conversation skills is equally important, which will come easily through AC&C because of the variety of teaching materials used -- videos, songs, games, debate, etc.

*Important Note:

AC&C is NOT an English grammar class – for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes or grammar classes please see the UCLA Extension, Kaplan or Santa Monica College websites.

Program Information

Classes are two hours long and are held once per week. Classes begin Week 2 of the academic quarter and end Week 9 of the quarter (unless a if make-up classes must be held due to class cancellations throughout the quarter -- from holiday closures, instructor illness, etc).

*For Summer Session A the course is abbreviated to 6 weeks. Classes begin Week 1 of the academic quarter and end Week 6.

During the Fall Quarter classes are offered at both intermediate and advanced levels and your level is self-selected, since there are no placement tests for this course. Your instructor will adapt the rigor of the course based on level of the majority of the students enrolled in that class.

*For Summer A and the course is offered for all levels

Intermediate Level
This class is for individuals who feel they are at a functional level of English but regularly struggle with pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The individual has the opportunity to practice their conversational skills through discussions about social, cultural and international issues.

Advanced Level
This class is for individuals who feel they are at a high functioning level of English and want to improve their slang and idioms, English pronunciation, as well as practice their conversational skills through in-depth discussions about social, cultural and international issues.

*Beginner Level
The AC&C program is not suitable for beginner level English learners. Each student must have at least conversational-level English in order to participate in AC&C.

Class sizes range from 5 to 20 people depending on the class time and academic quarter. The maximum enrollment allowed is 20 people but the class must have at least 5 people enrolled in order to be held. Classes that have less than 5 people enrolled by the end of the second week are subject to cancellation.

All classes take place in Bradley International Hall (located on the corner of Strathmore & Gayley Ave)

  • Intermediate Level Classroom: Bradley International Hall Room 300D
  • Advanced Level Classroom: Bradley International Hall Room 300C
  • General Level Classroom (Summer Session): Dashew Center Board Room, Bradley Hall #106

Instructors & Curriculum
AC&C classes are led by volunteers who have a sincere interest in meeting and working with international students. The curriculum is provided by the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars and then presented to the class by the volunteer instructors.

How to Enroll
To register for AC&C you must first create a Dashew Center account by going to and then click on “Sign In” in the upper right corner of the screen.

*Important Note: ALL people who are planning to attend AC&C classes must have their OWN Dashew Center account, spouses are not allowed to use their partner’s Dashew Center account. Each person must register under their own name in order to attend AC&C classes.

STEP 1 Once you login to your Dashew Center account, click on “My Account” in the upper right corner of the screen.

STEP 2 You will then see a link called “AC&C Registration” on the left side of the screen, click on that link to continue.

STEP 3 Once you are on the AC&C section, you will see the “Add a Course” link. Click on that link and select your desired class.
*In this AC&C section of “My Account” you can also drop or change classes, check your payment details, etc.

That’s it – you’re registered! Make sure you write down the information about which class you have enrolled in – day of the week, time, instructor, classroom location, etc – or feel free to refer back to the website to find the information again.

Fees / Cost:

The registration fee is as follows:

  • UCLA Students and Extension Students: FREE

  • Visiting Scholars, Faculty, Dependents: $25 per section.
Questions regarding AC&C?

Please email or call (310) 825-1681.

Fall Quarter 2017
Important Dates
Friday September 8th – Registration Opens
Monday, October 9th – Classes Begin
Friday, October 20th at 4 pm– Last day to add/drop

Ready To Register?
Registration Opens
September 8th

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