Global Siblings Program

2015-2016 Global Sibling Coordinators

Meet your 2015-2016 Global Sibling Coordinators!

This year we have an exciting and amazing team of 12 coordinators! Our family coordinators are volunteering their time to coordinate fun and adventurous event around Los Angeles for their Global Siblings families. Take a peek and learn about our diverse group of student leaders!

I am a second year majoring in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics and minoring in Biomedical Research. I was born in India and moved to Los Angeles when I was in fourth grade. I love traveling around the world and discovering "hidden" sight-seeing spots. When I am not taking pictures or listening to music, I try to learn new languages. I can't wait to spend the year getting to know your own stories and adventures! We can also bond over Disney songs!
Hi everyone!
I'm am currently a Senior and will graduate this upcoming Spring. I am majoring in Russian Studies and Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures. I have studied abroad three times: first in Ufa, Russia in summer 2013; second in Seoul, South Korea in summer 2014; and third in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the academic year 2014-2015. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. My hobbies include attending shows in LA I love, love, love plays, operas, ballets and musicals), attending films, and exploring LA. I am also in love with having walks at the beach. Although I do not play an instrument, I do consider myself a musicophile. I'm so excited to meet everyone in this program, and I'm sure we'll have an amazing year!
Hey there! My name's Carol and this is my second year as a GSibs coordinator and my third year with the program overall. To introduce myself...
C- California grown (hope this doesn't sound like one of those cow commercials) but born in Japan, and have lived in France and Boston. Half Ecuadorian too!
A- Addicted to dark chocolate, cheese, and dogs<3
R- Rarely serious. I love to joke around and laugh. Everyone is very much encouraged to laugh at my puns.
O- Older brother in D.C., older sister in Japan, parents in Italy. #Skype.
L- Love chill hang-outs and movie nights. I also have netflix so if anyone wants to hang, holler at me!
I- In the Environmental Science Major so if anyone is interested, has any questions, or just wants to hug trees together, I'm here with open arms.
N- Not patient for the new GSibs year. Awesome events and even more awesome people. Excited to meet you all. P.U.M.P.E.D!!!
Hi everyone! My name is Lee Pham! A few things about me: I absolutely love games. Board games, video games, PC games, you name it; I would want to play it...with other people of course! Multiplayer games are the best games. So let's play games together! Also I love eating and I'm always down to try new things. So please tell me what to try. In fact, if there's any food you all want to try, let me know and I might just program a trip around that! Win win for the both of us!
Hey everyone! My name's Matt and I'm a fourth year Engineering Geology major here at UCLA. Through my time at UCLA I've had the pleasure of participating in a diverse range of awesome activities such as greek life, student government, residential life, cultural organizations, UCLA varsity sports, and more. I love trying new things, going new places, and meeting new people. I have a weakness for seafood and love country music and fitness. Of course where would I be without mentioning Global Siblings, one of the best organizations on campus. Hope to see you in my family!
I am a 4th year Applied Math major. I was born and raised in Nepal and I moved to the United States in 2010. So, I consider myself both international and domestic student. I first came to North Dakota and moved to California and ever since I have been living in the Golden State and I don’t see myself moving out of this state. I lived in San Francisco Bay Area for few years and attended a community college in San Mateo. I transferred to UCLA last fall and joined the Global Siblings program the same quarter I started attending UCLA. I lie you guys not, I have loved the program so much and the experience I have had so far is pleasing and rewarding. I love meeting new people, make new friends, learn new cultures and share mine. My hobbies include traveling and photography, so I love to travel places and take some random pictures now and then. I like to stay active and outdoorsy. Every week, I go hiking around Los Angeles, especially in San Gabriel Valley and every once in a while, I go kayaking and I love to jet ski in Big Bear and Lake Tahoe. I have few adventures added on my bucket list that includes trekking to the Everest Base camp and bungee jumping when I go back to Nepal, sky diving and snorkeling. I am a huge sports fan and a supporter of Manchester United, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, UCLA football and I am a big admirer of Roger Federer. I am open minded, fun and outgoing person, who you can get along easily. I am excited about the new experience and I look forward to adventurous and fun-filled year ahead.
Sarah is a second year molecular, cell, and developmental biology major. Even though she didn't go too far from home for college (she was born and raised in LA), she loves adventuring. She has explored a lot of Europe and the US. She loves being busy, and some of her interests include science, art, and the outdoors.
Hello, I am Siva, a third-year undergrad majoring in Cognitive Science at UCLA. I was born and raised in Malaysia, and lived in Singapore for six years before entering college in LA. I have a mixed ethnic background, and I love to talk to people from different backgrounds. I had an amazing experience in the Global Siblings program in my first year: I made new friends from all over the world, explored new places in LA, and had great times with my Global Siblings family. I am very excited to be a coordinator for my family and give them the great experience that I had in the Global Siblings program! Also, I love juggling, running, philosophizing, exploring, learning new things, and meeting new people. And I'm friendly... So don't be shy to say hi! :D
I'm a fourth year Anthropology major and Global Studies minor born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures; I recently studied abroad in Shanghai, I have visited Japan twice, and in 2014 I spent four months in Vietnam volunteering as an English teacher. I hope to continue to gain experience abroad after graduation by working as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. In my free time I enjoy exploring LA and trying unfamiliar foods. I look forward to meeting all of you and continuing my involvement in the Global Siblings program this year!
Hello! I am a second year undergraduate student at UCLA. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. I recently came to LA to pursue my education. I love talking, eating, singing (even though my friends hate it when I sing because it apparently hurts their eats), scuba diving and traveling. I am double majoring in Business Economics and Psychology, but I have considered every career from being an astronaut to being a doctor. Now you know who to come to if you’re confused about your major haha.
Grad Coordinators
Hi there! I'm Kathy, one of the global sibling coordinators and a graduate student in the neuroscience program here at UCLA. I grew up in Los Angeles, but I've lived abroad twice (once in Germany for a summer when I was an undergraduate and once for a year in Germany before starting my graduate degree). When I'm not in lab, I like traveling, attempting to learn new languages, seeing movies, going to museums, and hanging out with my friends and (global) siblings. Come say hi to me sometime!
Howdy, I’m Richard. I am a second year master’s student in the Department of Information Studies. I was a member of the graduate family last year and I want to recreate those awesome experience for this year’s global siblings. I previous spent a semester in Italy where he picked up enough Italian to order gelato and a summer in England where he mastered the English language. I enjoy free food, puns, pats on the back, thumb ups, good news, and basketball.
Program Advisor
Aloha! I’m Jacqui, the Program Advisor for Global Siblings. I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but previously lived and studied in Lima, Peru, as well as in Oaxaca, Mexico before graduating with a B.A. in International Studies from Indiana University. After IU, I received a M.A. in Latin American Studies at UC San Diego and later moved back to Peru to start a non-profit surf school in the small town of Lobitos. I joined the Dashew Center in 2014 and absolutely love meeting international and domestic students at UCLA, and MOST importantly coordinating the Global Siblings program! Make sure to come say hi when you see me around! Aside from GSibs, I enjoy action photography and extreme sports, especially surfing, which is where you can find me on most weekends!

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