Newly Admitted J-1 Students

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Q:    How can I get J-1 visa status to study at UCLA or continue studies at UCLA?
    A:    If you are a new student, you must contact the UCLA Graduate Admissions Office (Graduate Students) or Undergraduate Admissions Office (Undergraduates) to get information about attaining a J-1 visa. If approved, you will get a DS2019 form to apply for a J-1 visa. If you are a continuing student at UCLA on a different visa status and wish to change to J-1, set up an appointment with a J-1 visa counselor.

  • Q:    After my arrival at UCLA, how soon must I check-in at DCISS?
    A:    It is mandatory that you check in with DCISS as soon as possible after your arrival, but no later than 30 days after the starting date listed on your DS2019. If you fail to report to our office within the 30-day time period, your DS2019 form will be voided automatically by the US Homeland Security Department making your stay in the U.S. illegal. Please bring your DS2019, your passport and I-94 to our office at the time of checking in.

  • Q:    My spouse and children do not plan to come with me to the U.S. Can they join me later?
    A:    Your spouse and children can join you on J-2 visa status at any time during your stay in the US. You do not need to request a DS2019 form at the same time you are getting one. They can request a DS2019 form to apply for the J-2 visa when they are ready to visit you.

  • Q:    How do I register for classes?
    A:    Please log onto to check your registration appointment time, and register for classes. Undergraduate students who will be attending UCLA Freshmen Orientation or Transfer Student Orientation will be registering for classes during UCLA Orientation. Graduate students, please check with your academic department for course registration guidelines.

  • Q:    How many units do I need to enroll in for Fall?
    A:    All undergraduate students MUST enroll and maintain a minimum of 12 units. Graduate students MUST enroll and maintain a minimum of 8-12 units (depends on your academic program). Failure to enroll in the minimum required units will result in termination of your J-1 status.

  • Q:    How do I update my address?
    A:    Please update your address within 10 days of the move by updating your student account on

  • Q:    When is the last day I can pay my fees on time?
    A:    Please check the academic calendar for dates of fee deadlines:

  • Q:    Where do I get a UCLA Bruin Card?
    A:    Please go to 123 Kerckhoff Hall in order to get your new Bruin Card.

  • Q:    How do I make an appointment?
    A:    Appointments can be made by calling our front desk at (310)-825-1681 (or 51681 from a campus phone). Please be aware that during peak periods, the waiting time for an appointment can be up to 2 weeks.

  • Q:    What services need an appointment?
    A:    Appointments with a counselor are required for the following: Any detailed questions regarding your visa status, home residency requirement, change of status, transfers and work permits/academic training.

  • Q:    What services do NOT need an appointment?
    A:    Paperwork for the following can be dropped off at the receptionist: Requests for a DS2019 (new program or extension), travel validation, separate entry of family member, certification of status, parent invitation, social security number request.

  • Q:    I have some tax questions..
    A:    Each year – normally in the months of February, March and April – DCISS coordinates workshops with campus and outside professionals to assist UCLA scholars and students with the preparation of non-resident tax returns. Once available, the dates will be announced via your URSA e-mail address as well as on this website. You will also find other information, including on-line forms and references, on our website, specifically the Non-Resident Tax Information page. You will also find a list of professional tax preparers on our website as well as on the UCLA Tax Services website, should you require personal assistance for your individual tax returns.

For more detailed information regarding J-1 Visa Regulations and other practical matters please read the Exchange Visitor (J-1) Regulations Handbook.