Newly Admitted F-1 Students

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Visa Workshop & Check-In

F-1 students are required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and DCISS to complete an F-1 Visa Workshop and Visa Check-In, both components of iSTART@UCLA, to validate their F-1 status in the U.S. Failure to complete your check-in requirements will result in severe consequences for your visa status within the U.S.

Mandatory Visa Workshop

All newly admitted F-1 students are required to complete the mandatory F-1 Visa Workshop requirement. The F-1 Visa workshop is only offered online through iSTART@UCLA: Pre-Arrival Orientation to provide you with information on how to maintain your F-1 status at UCLA, apply for F-1 benefits and request for services provided by DCISS.

All newly admitted F-1 students must complete the F-1 Visa Workshop online and pass the F-1 Visa Workshop Quiz to successfully meet this requirement.

Mandatory Visa Check-In

Upon arrival to UCLA, all newly admitted F-1 students are required to check-in with DCISS. The mandatory Visa Check-In requirement can only be completed in-person at Bradley International Hall at ONE of the designated DCISS Visa Check-In Sessions.

Please bring the following documents to your designated visa check-in session:

  • Completed DCISS F-1 Check-In Form
  • Copy of page 1 of your UCLA I-20
  • Copy of your I-94 Admission Record
    • Electronic I-94: After your arrival to the U.S., access and print online at
    • Paper I-94 Card: If you have been given a paper I-94 Card instead of an electronic I-94, please make a copy of both the front and back sides of the card.
  • Copy of your F-1 Visa (Canadian citizens exempt)
  • Copy of your Most Recent U.S. Entry Stamp Inside Passport
  • Copy of your Passport Photopage
  • Original Passport and UCLA I-20

Please Note: Only make copies of the documents listed above AFTER your arrival to the U.S. DCISS does not provide photocopy or print services. Please plan accordingly. You will not be able to complete the visa check-In if you do not have the documents listed above.

Mandatory Address, Phone Number, and E-Mail Reporting

All F-1 students are required to maintain a valid local U.S. address, overseas address, U.S. telephone number, overseas telephone number, and e-mail at all times during their studies at UCLA. Upon arrival to UCLA, please log on to and click on “Settings”, then click on “Official Email/Address/Phone” at the top right hand corner to update your contact information in the UCLA system. Update your contact information as follows:

  • E-Mail: Must reflect a verifiable email address that you check on a daily basis.
  • Mailing Address: Must reflect your local U.S. address in the Los Angeles area.
  • Permanent Address: Must reflect your overseas address outside the U.S.
  • Primary Phone Number: Must reflect a valid 10-digit U.S. phone number. Input numbers only. No special characters, spacing, or parentheses (Example: 3109876543).
  • Home Phone Number: Must reflect a valid overseas telephone number.

Please Note: Updating and maintaining your contact information based on the standards indicated above is very important. DCISS cannot validate your arrival and F-1 status with DHS until your contact information has been updated.


To ensure that all students complete the check-in requirement, DCISS has placed a future HOLD on your records. The HOLD will be removed once the following are complete:

  • iSTART Online Orientation
  • Visa Check-In
  • Updating Address, Phone Number, and E-mail in MyUCLA

If you do not complete the above check-in requirements by the end of Week 2 of your first Quarter at UCLA, the all-services HOLD from DCISS will become active on your Student Records which will affect your eligibility to receive services from DCISS, restrict your course enrollment and limit your access to UCLA campus resources.

Failure to comply with visa check-in requirements in a timely manner will result in termination of your F-1 status.


Fall 2018 Visa
Check-In Sessions

Early Start, College Summer Institute (CSI), and Anderson MBA Students:

 AUG 03 | 10AM – 2PM

Law School Students and AUD M.Arch.II Students

 AUG 03 | 10AM – 2PM
 AUG 24 | 12PM – 4PM

New Graduate and Undergraduates for Fall:

 AUG 03 | 10AM – 2PM
 AUG 24 | 12PM – 4PM

SEPT 14 | 12PM – 4PM
SEPT 21 | 12PM – 4PM
SEPT 26 | 12PM – 4PM

Anderson MFE:

SEPT 14 | 12PM – 4PM
SEPT 26 | 12PM – 4PM

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