Language Development

Language Exchange

Trying to learn a new language? Want to take what you’re learning in the classroom a step further? The program connects language learners together to improve their conversation skills and meet people from around the world. Language Exchange is open to everyone and all language levels!

Each quarter we will pair you with a native speaker of the language you are learning for one-on-one conversations that take place at your leisure and according to your schedule. You also get to help teach your own language, so that you both get the chance to help one another. Spend one hour speaking with your exchange partner in your native language, then one hour speaking in your requested language!

So… how does it work?
  • Apply
    Register online through our website to participate in the Language Exchange. Registration generally opens one month before the start of the new quarter and the deadline to apply is the end of Week 1 of each quarter.
  • Connect
    Meet your Language Exchange Partner at the mandatory Matching Party which is held in Week 3 of the quarter. You must attend this event in order to remain in the program. Students will be contacted by the end of Week 2 notifying them if you have been selected to participate in the program for quarter. Please note that there may be long waitlists for certain languages. However, those who have been on the waitlist for two or more quarters will receive priority.
  • Chat
    Meet once a week and spend one hour speaking in your native language and another hour speaking in the language you’re learning. You can pick the time and the location that works for you and your partner! The program is a one-quarter commitment. You will need to apply each quarter if you wish to participate again.!

After each quarter, we will be accepting new applications for the following quarter. You may remain with your partner or we will pair you with a new partner.

How Do I Apply?

Applying for Language Exchange is easy! Approximately one month before the quarter begins you will be able to register for the program through our website. website.

The deadline to apply is always Week 1 of that quarter.

*We will do our best to match you as quickly as possible with a Language Exchange Partner, but please note that the following language pairs have high demand and may encounter wait times of two quarters or more.

-Chinese speaker requesting an English speaker
-English speaker requesting a Spanish speaker
-English speaker requesting a French speaker

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