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J-1 Visa Students

Students who intend to receive J-1 visa status for Degree programs or Non-degree programs at any time during their studies in the U.S. must have a ‘substantial’ portion (at least 51%) of their total expected expenses at UCLA covered by a source other than personal or family funds. Such funds may be identified as a scholarship, fellowship, or a grant/award from a government institution, organization, company, or UCLA. Once a student has submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) indicating “J-1” as their visa preference, they will automatically receive an email to access the J-1 Online Portal within 2-3 days. The system will prompt the student to upload a copy of their passport, copies of dependent passports (if applicable), the Confidential Financial Statement (CFS), and their financial documents. The J-1 Portal will provide the student with more detailed information about the process.

  • Degree Students
    Students in Degree programs are authorized to be on J-1 visa status as long as they are in full time status and maintain satisfactory advancement towards completion of the degree as well as through any approved academic training period immediately following completion of the degree program.

    How to request a DS-2019 form for J-1 Degree Students

  • Non-Degree Students
    An individual attending UCLA for a prescribed program of academic activity which does not lead to a degree from UCLA may get a J-1 visa as a non-degree student and can stay on J status up to 2 years. For prospective visiting researchers who are currently pursuing a degree abroad and have not yet completed their PhD studies, UCLA departments must first contact UCLA Graduate Division or the Undergraduate Research Center for guidelines, eligibility requirements, and application procedures:

  • EAP Students
    The Education Abroad Program (EAP) is the University of California's study abroad program which offers over 140 exchange opportunities in more than 30 countries. The program also offers students from our partner universities the opportunity to come to UCLA as a visiting reciprocity student for one to two quarters or a year. If you are interested in applying to study for short-term at UCLA as an EAP reciprocity student, please visit the international exchanges program at your home university for application materials.

Evidence of Financial Support

At the time of processing the DS-2019 form, the EV must present evidence of financial support for the duration of the period stated in the DS-2019 form. Minimum required financial support is given below:

Tuition & Fees

Living Expenses
Living Expenses
Undergrad Students $36,900 $18,400 $6,133 $61,433*
Graduate Students $29,720 $20,226 $6,742 $56,688*
Advanced to Candidacy $14,618 $20,226 $6,742 $41,586
Non-Degree Students (VGRs) ----- $20,226 $6,742 $26,968
Non-Degree Students (other) ----- $18,400 $6,133 $24,533
Spouse ----- $4,500 $1,500 $6,000
Each Child ----- $2,000 $667 $2,667
*Includes Mandatory Health Insurance and allowance for Books and School supplies. Cost varies.


On-Campus Employment

Students and non-degree students on J-1 status may work on campus part time (up to 20 hours per week) while the school is in session and full time during the quarter/semester breaks and summer vacation. In order to be employed, students must be in good academic standing and obtain on-campus work authorization from DCISS.

Work authorization is given for maximum one year. If you wish to continue employment after one year you can request an extension to your work authorization within a month of the end date. In order for us to issue you a work authorization letter, please fill out the on-campus work authorization request form online and email it to acoelho@saonet.ucla.edu or fax to 310.206.1612 attention J Advisor. You can also stop by our office to fill one out. If you change employment at any time, you must complete another request form. Allow 3 business days to process.

Academic Training

International students on J-1 visa status have the opportunity to engage in paid or unpaid employment directly related to their major field of study during or after completion of their studies and provided certain requirements are met. Such employment is termed Academic Training and is authorized in writing by the student's visa sponsor, e.g. the school or organization issuing the DS-2019 form.

Academic Training for UCLA Degree Students
Academic Training for EAP Students Form
Academic Training for UCLA Non-Degree Certificate Students

Payment of the $40 Post-Graduate SEVIS User Fee through the DCISS website is required for post-completion Academic Training. If you do not have a DCISS account, click here for instructions on how to create a DCISS account.

For more detailed information regarding J-1 Visa Regulations and other practical matters please read the Exchange Visitor (J-1) Regulations Handbook

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Exchange Visitor (EV) Regulations Handbook

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