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I-20 Extension

F-1 students who are unable to complete their degree requirements by the end date indicated on their current UCLA I-20 may request an I-20 extension for the following reasons:

  • Change of Major
  • Need More Time To Complete Thesis/Dissertation
  • Change in Research Topic
  • Medical Reason (must provide medical documentation)
  • Unforeseen Circumstances

Please follow the steps below to request an I-20 Extension:

Step 1: Complete DCISS I-20 Extension Request Form

Complete the top portion of the I-20 Extension Request form and have your academic advisor complete the bottom portion (your academic advisor must indicate your new expected degree completion date and the reason for the I-20 extension).

Step 2: Obtain Proof of Funding

Obtain proof of funding to cover the tuition and living expenses for the duration of your extension. If you will be funded by your academic department, please obtain a verification of funding letter from your department indicating the type of support, duration of funding, and total funding amount.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment with DCISS

Schedule an appointment with an F-1 counselor to submit your I-20 Extension Request (appointment required). Your new I-20 will be ready for pick up 5 business days after the date your I-20 Extension Request was accepted.

* Note: Additional documentation than those outlined above may be needed for an I-20 extension to be granted.

** I-20s may be extended for a maximum of one academic year. Students who require an extension of more than one academic year must submit another I-20 Extension Request the following year.

*** Students who are changing their degree level at UCLA (i.e. Bachelors to Master’s, Master’s to Doctorate, etc.) must submit an I-20 Request instead of an I-20 Extension Request.

I-20 Extension Request Form
Sample Departmental Funding Letter
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