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Concurrent Enrollment Letter

F-1 students may concurrently enroll at UCLA and a California Community College (or other U.S. institution) under the following circumstances:

  • During the Academic Year (Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters): while maintaining full-time enrollment at UCLA (course units enrolled concurrently at a community college or other U.S. institution do not count toward full-time enrollment at UCLA).

  • While Engaging in OPT:for incidental study only. Courses taken at a community college (or other U.S. institution) may not lead to a degree or be part of an academic program.

    *Students who begin their program in Summer (I-20 must have a summer start date) must be enrolled full-time in UCLA Summer Sessions courses for concurrent enrollment approval.

To request a Concurrent Enrollment letter, please submit a Concurrent Enrollment Request form to DCISS (no appointment required). Please list all course title(s) and name(s) on the request form. Your Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility Letter will be ready for pick up 3 business days after the date of submission.

** UCLA Extension: Concurrent enrollment at UCLA Extension is only allowed during the final quarter for undergraduate students (Engineering students are not eligible). Students must submit a Reduced Course Load (RCL) Request form and UNEX enrollment receipts to DCISS for approval.

Concurrent Enrollment Request Form
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