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Invitation Letter

DCISS provides invitation letters for immediate family members of UCLA F-1 students that can be used to support their tourist visa applications to visit the U.S. Invitation letters will certify that that an F-1 student is in good-standing at UCLA and state the name and relationship of the immediate family member the F-1 student would like to invite to the U.S.

To request family Invitation letter(s), please submit an Invitation Letter Request form to DCISS (no appointment required). Your Invitation Letter(s) will be ready for pick up 3 business days after the date of submission.

* Note: If you are requesting an invitation letter for your family member(s) to attend your graduation/commencement ceremony and you are completing your degree earlier than your I-20 end date, please have your academic advisor sign the Verification of Degree Completion section on your Invitation Letter Request form prior to submitting your request to DCISS.

** Invitation Letters are for immediate family members only: spouse, parents, siblings, and grandparents. DCISS does not provide invitation letters for non-immediate family members. For non-immediate family members, you may request a CoS for travel purposes, which will verify your status at UCLA to support their visa applications to visit the U.S.

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