I-20 Request

Change of Education Level (COEL)

F-1 students who have a change in education level (pursuing a new degree objective) at UCLA must request a Change of Education Level (COEL) I-20 to reflect their new degree objective from DCISS. You must request a COEL I-20 prior to the start of your new degree program. Please follow the steps below to obtain a COEL I-20:

Step 1: Complete DCISS I-20 Request form and Obtain Admission Letter

Complete top portion of I-20 Request form and obtain admission letter reflecting the new degree objective and program.

Step 2: Submit I-20 Request to DCISS

Submit your COEL I-20 Request form and admission letter to DCISS (no appointment required). Your new I-20 with new degree objective reflected will be ready for pick up 5 business days after the date your request was accepted.

*Note: If you are an undergraduate student going on to pursue a graduate degree you will have a HOLD placed on your student records prompting you to complete mandatory check-in requirements. The HOLD will be removed after you complete check-in with DCISS.

I-20 Request Form
Processing Timeline


Contact us at 310-825-1681