I-20 Request

F-2 Dependent's I-20

F-1 students who have dependent(s) and would like their dependent(s) to come to the U.S. on an F-2 visa must first obtain an F-2 Dependent I-20 from DCISS. Once issued a UCLA F-2 I-20 has been issued, the student’s dependent can schedule an interview appointment at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate to obtain an F-2 visa to enter the U.S. Please follow the steps below to obtain an F-2 I-20 from UCLA:

Step 1: Complete DCISS I-20 Request form

Complete top and bottom portion of I-20 Request form.

Step 2: Obtain Supporting Documents

Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate (if the dependent is your spouse) or official family register, a copy of your dependent’s passport photopage, and proof of financial support for your dependent: $4,500 for spouse, and $2000 for each child.

*Dependent must be a married spouse or child only. Non-married significant others are not eligible for an F-2 visa.

**If marriage certificate is not in English, please provide a certified translation from a notary or translation service provider.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment with DCISS

Schedule an appointment with an F-1 counselor to submit your F-2 I-20 Request form and supporting documents listed in Step 2 (appointment required). Your F-2 Dependent I-20(s) will be ready for pick up 5 business days after the date your request was accepted.

I-20 Request Form
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