Employment Based

H-1B Status

H-1B status is for aliens with specialty occupations coming to the U.S. temporarily to perform services of a professional nature. Under current regulations, H-1B status is granted for an initial period of three years, and a three year extension is possible for a maximum duration of six years. H-1B petition is employer specific.

Dependents of H-1B holders are eligible for H-4 status. H-4 holders are not eligible to work in the U.S.

UCLA will support H-1B status for an alien who has been offered a full-time temporary position as a faculty member, researcher, or other professional which is critical to the institution's academic or research mission. Examples of payroll titles which qualify are Lecturer or higher faculty title, Postdoctoral Scholar, Staff Research Associate II or higher, and Programmer/Analyst II or higher. A job offer of three or more years is required. UCLA students are not eligible for UCLA H-1B petition sponsorship.

New H-1B Cases

Current UCLA policy requires that an outside attorney be retained to assist with all new H-1B cases. The Dashew Center will provide counseling in determining strategies for a case and selecting an attorney; review documents prepared by the attorney; ensure compliance with UCLA’s policy, procedure, and format; obtain university signatures; and provide status reports.

To begin the process of obtaining H-1B status, the Department Contact should get in touch with Davis del Pino or Sylvia Ottemoeller as early as possible by phone or email. Be prepared to answer the following questions when you contact the counselor: what is the position offered, what is the salary, what visa status does the individual currently hold, what is the expiration date of current status, and who will be paying the attorney fees.

H-1B Extension Cases

Generally, the Dashew Center will process H-1B extension cases in-house. The UCLA Health System and UCOP will still need to retain an outside attorney. The department must submit the documents listed (see Forms) to the Dashew Center no later than three months before the current H-1B status expires. It may be submitted up to six months prior to the current H expiration date. If you have any questions please call the employment-based visa staff at 310-825-1681.

Please refer to the H-1B Information for Departments for institutional policies and procedures. The handbook is available as a downloadable PDF document.

*For positions with the School of Medicine, contact Julie Zamoyski at 310-825-7050, International Medical Licensing and Visas.

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