Are you looking to expand your network of professional contacts in the US and elsewhere, while gaining access to insider information about career opportunities?

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social networking website for working and job-seeking professionals. The website enables professionals in various fields to connect with each other through topic-focused discussion forums, direct invitations, and groups.

By making such connections, individuals with a LinkedIn account can cultivate a network in one or several fields of interest. Interpersonal, inter-company, and inter-group connections and information provided within the network can sometimes help job-seekers learn about possible job openings, internships, promotions, and other career-related opportunities. On LinkedIn, users can also endorse connections’ skills and join discussion groups on professional topics.

In short, LinkedIn is just one more tool to help you connect with other individuals and advance your career.

To help facilitate interaction between UCLA international alumni, the Dashew Center has created its own LinkedIn group. By joining the Dashew Center’s LinkedIn group, you will be able to connect with UCLA international alumni in your field to find jobs and advance your career. To create a LinkedIn account and join the Dashew Center’s group, click here.

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