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Are you interested in gaining cross-cultural experience and building an international friendship network? 

Apply now to be a Chan Buddy!


Program Description: Lingnan W.T.  Chan Fellows & Buddies Program

The Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows Program brings six Chinese undergraduates to UCLA to learn through serving in non-profit organizations, attending weekly workshops, and living with a Los Angeles family.  The Chan Buddies Program facilitates friendship between the W.T. Chan Fellows and UCLA degree-seeking students. Chan Buddies will help provide a support network to the Chan Fellows when they arrive, introducing them to campus life and their new home, Los Angeles.


The Buddies Program is mutually beneficial as it provides a space for intercultural exchange and friendship: Chan Fellows and Buddies exchange their perspectives, experiences, language skills, and cultures through both formal and informal events. We expect that you will be able to offer much to the fellows, but that you will also gain much from this cultural exchange.


Chan Buddies are recognized during the Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows Culmination Ceremony in January 2019.


Program Dates:  August 10, 2018 - January 05, 2019


Buddy Responsibilities

Chan Buddies plan one event during a designated week between August 2018 and January 2019, attend at one official gathering per month planned by other Buddies, and attend several program activities for personal development.  Buddies must also be available to attend the following mandatory events:

  • Aug 9th, two-hour time commitment: Mandatory Chan Buddies Orientation 
  • Aug 12th, 10 am - 4 pm:  Chan Fellows Orientation and Initial Meeting with Fellows
  • Mid-October:  Program Retreat
  • January 5th 2019, 11:30 am - 3 pm:  Culmination Ceremony


Application & Selection Process

Click HERE to apply!

Deadline: June 21, 2018 by 4 PM


The selection committee will review application and chose a subset for interviews that will take place in May and June 2018. 


Questions?  Contact us by emailing 

When: May 17, 2018 3:30 PM ~ June 21, 2018 4:00 PM
Where: UCLA
Audience: Students

Cost: Free
Registration: No Registration
What Students Say
Dear Jennie,

It is Thanksgiving Day today. Thank you for your great work at the international student center! Those great programs and events colored my life in UCLA. Thank you for bring us to Solvang trip, football and basketball game! Thank you for offering those free tickets to palys and concerts, free food:)! Thank you for so many other great things! Thank you for being a cheerful and helpful friend! My stay in the US wouldn't be that wonderful without you!

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great holiday season!
Hugs, Wei
Dear Mr. Ericksen:

First I'd like to thank you for directing such an amazing place as Dashew Center, I as an international student appreciate all your work and programs. I'm writing you to give you some feedback about the trip to Yosemite. This was the best trip ever, I'm really glad you are looking into new directions to integrate international students and this trip has been my best experience at UCLA (I'm starting my third year as a graduate student). Jennie and all her staff organized perfectly this trip. The hotel was good as well as all the activites they programmed. My expectations were completely overcome by their work. Not only we had an amazing time, they always tried to integrate everyone to form one group. We worked as a team and now I think that all of us will never forget this three lovely persons that made this trip a reallity. Thank you very much.

Mauricio Comas-Garcia